Kubernetes Hands on Practice Labs

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Building a Kubernetes Cluster

You can try one or many (We suggest to try all if possible) methods to create your own Kubernetes cluster for learning and practicing.

Kubernetes Hands-on Labs (Free)

Play with Kubernetes

Play with Kubernetes Classroom is a free platform to practie on real web based lab from your browser. You need to login with your Docker or GitHub account to start the lab. Check Kubernetes for Beginners to start practicing. Also check Play with Kubernetes Classroom materials for scenarios and instruction.

If you want to create local Kubernetes lab (based on docker and docker-compose), then check GitHub repo for more details.

100 Days Of Kubernetes

100 Days Of Kubernetes - 100 Days of Kubernetes is the challenge in which we aim to learn something new related to Kubernetes each day across 100 Days.

Docker and Kubernetes Fundamentals Hands-On labs by K8SAcademy

Kubernetes 101: Deploy Your Application at Scale in K8S

Kubernetes - Deploy Your Application at Scale in K8S

kubernetes-hands-on-workshop by Rob Richardso

Kubernetes Hands-on by Algolia

Kubernetes labs in Katakoda

Check Kubernetes interactive scenarios in Katakoda.

Update: Katacoda.com is now closed for the public access.

IBM CloudLabs

These are free and interactive Kubernetes tutorials provided by IBM. Check IBM CloudLabs for Kubernetes today.

Certification Exam Preparation

Use cases and PoCs

Deploy Jenkins to Kubernetes

(to be prepared)

Deploy Logging and Montoring

(to be prepared)

Configure Ingress in Kubernetes

(to be prepared)

Deploy Container Registry

(to be prepared)