Welcome Note


This website contains learning resources, recommended courses and hands-on lab practice guides for DevOps practitioners. We will also include real life scenarios and PoCs practices as much as possible.

You will find tasks and practices which you can try at your own labs and test environments. We are more than happy to include links to existing workshops and practices which are created by other community members. (You will find many such items in this portal.)

This is not a training platform !

The idea is to provide guidance and tasks to build DevOps skills by doing real hands-on labs. Please DO NOT expect spoon-feeding type step-by-step guides for all the tasks and practices. You need to search around and do it by yourself as much as possible and that is the only way you will learn many things.

Facing issues ? Ask in the community, there are many experts to help you.

Also feel free to join and ask your questions in our telegram group.

Tools and Skills

We are focusing on tools and technologies in the DevOps practices such as Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, Jenkins, Terraform, Cloud platforms and other technologies.

We are trying our best to include all the possible practices and guides.

  • How to set up lab environment
  • How to practice with tasks
  • Tasks guides (if possible)

Once you know the tasks to try, you can try those in your own labs (or other free platforms) by searching guides on the internet (that is how you learn a lot of things) or by following our guides (if available.)

Can I contribute ?

Sure, please submit workshops, feedback, topics, additional resources and updates via issues in support repo.

Questions ? leave a message to [email protected] or ask in telegram group.

Happy learning !!!

on behalf of team teachbeatly,

Gineesh Madapparambath